URL Marketting

As you probably know that there are several factors that influence sites ranking. One of them is on-page optimization. It is easy to learn and implement. When it comes to website optimization, we cannot forget URL structure. But do you wonder:

What really search engine friendly URL is?
Well, a clean URL without any string values in it can be said as seo friendly URL.

To get a better understanding about SEO friendly URL, please continue reading the post. Here I’ve discussed what is a clean URL, how it effects search engine positioning and targeted traffic. So, here’s a quick list:

The shorter, the cleaner, the better
The shorter, cleaner URL will enable search engine spiders to find the link and crawl smoothly all over the website. A clean URL would not confuse spiders as well as human readers. It will give fruitful results if you place your main keywords in the URL. So, avoid lengthy dynamic string in your URL.

Use : instead of a dash or an underscore
Using a colon, in title of page, article or post will not generate any string characters in the URL; it will convey the clear and direct URL and not a puzzling one. Whereas if you use a dash – or an underscore _ will give you some string characters if you’re using WordPress, it is my advice – avoid them in titles.

Avoid using special characters
Special characters like ‘ & $ # * @ in title should be avoided as they create some confusion, i.e. there is a possibility that it may generate special characters and make a URL like spammy one or as a dynamic URL.

URL must specify relevant information
While re-writing a URL, make sure that they should indicate users and web spiders – what the page is about. As a whole it should be significant to that particular page.

Rework your XML sitemap
Finally, after considering and re-writing the URLs, update your XML sitemap and resubmit it to Google webmaster account. By doing so, you are inviting web spiders to crawl and re-index your site.

Being an online entrepreneur, webmaster, professional blogger or an online business owner it is important to keep yourself update with the latest trends of internet.  It is next to impossible to index a site in major search engines like Google and Yahoo! without seo efforts.

Re-writing URLs might seem a small thing, but it definitely has a great impact on search results. Hope this post give you a new angle to reorganize your online presence.