Common SEO Mistake

Internet contains huge information and millions of websites. If you are serious about your site and its online visibility, then it is essential to get ranked higher in major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

You can improve your sites usefulness by knowing do’s and don’ts of search engine optimization and most importantly you must avoid some common seo mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes and there is nothing wrong in it unless you are not willing to learn from them. From a newbie to professional and even experts anyone can go wrong, once for a while. But, we should develop the ability to point out our slip-up and correct them to get better results.

Here is a list of common seo mistakes and ways to avoid them:

Making your website too complicated to find through search engines – Look and feel or design of the site is very important but more important than that is making it search engine and user-friendly. A clean website with informative and genuine content helps your prospects find you through search engines, whereas heavy use of graphic in your site may slower its download speed. Frame based site, excessive use of java or massive use of flash is also not considered as a good website in terms of search engine optimization. In order to get higher search engine ranking, use a good blend of graphics and text content.

Website focusing on wrong group of people – The main purpose of your site is not just to show your expertise but it should also offer answers to curious questions of your readers. You get it right, put readers at first place, inform them, engage them and give them a strong reason why should they get connected with you, why should they buy your products or hire your services.

Targeting wrong keywords – It is very commonly seen that webmaster and even SEO experts target wrong keywords. Keywords are foundation of any online business, so select them carefully. Look for buying, niche based keywords and not the broad keywords, instead choose specific keywords and see how the right targeted keywords contributes to your seo efforts.

Empty title and description – Title and descriptions are amazing spaces to place your keywords with meaningful explanation.  Don’t leave them empty; use them smartly to get maximum exposure.

Neglecting your website – Not updating your site shows your lack of interest in your own business. Does your website still show a bio of employee who left two years ago? Does your site have broken links or displays 404 errors? These are clear indications that site needs your attention.

In order to execute your online marketing strategies successfully, you should conduct good SEO and avoid black hat practices. And remember, SEO is not something that could be done in a single day and you’re expecting results overnight. It requires continuous research, trial and practice.

The bottom line is if you are looking for long term traffic solution then search engine optimization is unbeatable. A successful SEO campaign can do wonders for your online business.

Hope these tips help you to understand some common seo mistakes.

All the best!